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Closed Donating holidays to children - Holidays for Corona heroes

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Children need rest, especially in times of crisis. Help us to give children who have been particularly affected by the Corona crisis some leisure time!

Bezirksjugendwerk AWO Hessen-SÜd e.V. from Bezirksjugendwerk der AWO Hessen-Süd e.V.
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Children and young people suffer particularly badly from the corona crisis. Schools and kindergartens are closed and in many families it is hardly possible to provide good care apart from work. In low-income families, the financial situation has worsened even further. The burden is particularly high for children.

With your help we would like to give children a holiday!

With your help we want to support those who keep our society going: Caretakers, cleaners, people who sit at the checkout in the supermarket or stock the shelves. At the moment they do the most important work, but their wages are often only enough for the most necessary things. For parents of these professions and their children this time is especially challenging. Just as it is for families who have not had an easy time before. Here we would like to help.

Especially in times of need, it is important for children to "get out" and experience a carefree time with other children. But not every family can afford this. 
When the contact ban is being lifted, we offer these children the opportunity to go on sponsored camps. 
We offer 30 children between 8 and 12 years 10 days of relaxation and fun in autumn 2020. In two groups (8 to 11 years and 12 to 14 years) they can let off steam and recover from quarantine in the nature area Rhön.

The parents can also recover during this time: as essential workers their pressure is particually high and school closures are an additional challenge. Since money is scarce in many families, we would like to give children this free time, the families should not have to pay any costs - but for this we need help!

In order to be able to finance the accommodation, the coach, good food and exciting excursions, we are dependent on support.
With your donation you can give a child the chance to relax, play and have fun in nature.