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Covid 19: Food Relief Packages for poor rural communities in Central India

A project from Social Synergy Deutschland e.V.
in Marathwada-Region (Maharastra) , India

Please donate for our Food Relief Packages supporting families of daily wage workers and single-women Households in rural Maharastra, India. Each package costing 48,- Euros (INR 4,000) will last for two weeks. Any amount you donate will help.

Martin Vogelsang
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About this project

Swayam Shikshan Prayog ( an NGO operating in rural Maharastra (India) since 22 years has prioritised immediate food security through an intervention –“Distribution of food relief packages to migrant and daily wage workers widows and single women Households".

Rapid assessment reveals verified data of 5,000 households from 300 villages across four hard hit districts across Osmanabad, Latur, Nanded of Marathwada region and Solapur in Maharashtra. They are the most vulnerable - daily wage labourers, widows/single head households, SC/ST families and landless households who need food packages to tide this period.

We need your support to ensure Food Security now:

Provide essentials to each family (of 4-5 members) to last for two months costing 48,- Euros (INR 4,000) per each dry ration package.

Each package contains:

10 kg Millet(Jawar)
15 kg Wheat
2 kg Pulses
10 Kg Rice10
2 ltr Soybean Oil
1 kg Peanuts
4 kg Sugar
250 gm Chilli powder
100 gm Turmeric
250 gm Tea   
Dettol Soap, Detergent, Sanitary napkins and other hygiene products

Distribution on the Ground will be facilitated by Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) through its existing village level support teams, now organised as the Women's Task Force for COVID 19, which are aligned with the local administration and Gram Panchayats.

Women and communities in rural India are not isolated from the impact of #COVID19. While a nationwide lockdown is very much needed to stop the spread of the deadly virus, its impact on rural communities is invisible. The brunt of the pandemic has hit the already vulnerable the most – single women, widows, landless, agricultural and migrant workers have lost their work. They face hunger and fear of tomorrow.

Impact of the Covis-19 on Rural Communities:

1. Fear and misinformation on COVID 19 -spread of rumours, lack of guidance and health personnel and doctors, due to lockdown.

2. Looming hunger for poor households –mainly landless, widows, SC/ST groups who do not have savings and unable to earn currently

3. Influx - Villages are experiencing an influx of people from cities (100- 250 per village) where migrant workers returning to their homes and families causing immense strain.

4. Health Services are inadequate to face this humanitarian crisis -The Primary Health Centres are in the ratio of 1:15/20 villages. The villages without a PHC are covered by the ASHA Workers which might prove completely inadequate for this crisis.

5. Agriculture has been severely impacted by the lockdown. All farmers, large and small have stopped hiring extra agricultural labour for the harvesting season and some are harvesting the crop themselves. With broken supply chains, farmers are unable to sell in markets.

6. Grassroots women entrepreneurs face the risk of business closure who run their own businesses are facing the risk of business closure due to the lockdown.