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fire engine for Transylvania

A project from Gemeindeverwaltung Erlau
in Lăzărești, Romania

Wir möchten mit dem Feuerwehrfahrzeug das Leben der Menschen in Lazaresti sicherer machen. Dafür brauchen wir deine Spende!

Vinzenz L.
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About this project

In contrast to Germany, fire protection in Romania does not consist of a nationwide system of voluntary fire brigades, but exclusively of professional fire brigades, which are subdivided into the military.
 This leads to the problem that in rural areas, long journeys often have to be accepted. In the end, this means that any help often comes too late to carry out the basic activities of the fire brigades.
 This fire brigade system is in a state of upheaval. More and more citizens' initiatives are being formed, which themselves are trying to ensure safety in the area of fire protection and assistance.
 In order to improve this situation, small "volunteer fire brigades" have been formed in the villages, often without any financial support from official sources. 
 We, as the fire brigade of the municipality of Erlau, would like to support our partner fire brigade Asociația - VIHAR - Egyesület in Transylvania with a fire engine. For this we ask for a donation. 
The vehicle will be bought by us. We take care of the transport to Lazaresti in Romania. This means that your donation will reach the people in Romania one hundred per cent in any case.
If you are still interested in the cooperation of the fire brigades and our projects with the partner fire brigade in Romania, you can find more information on our website: