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Funded Making gegen Corona

Hennef, Germany

Funded Making gegen Corona

Hennef, Germany

#MakingAgainstCorona! With your help we can prevent bottlenecks in the supply of material e.g. in the medical field or keep them smaller. All this with the magic of making! Help now!

Chris H. from Machwerk e.V. | 
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About this project

As a makerspace, we can manufacture urgently needed things that help prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Whether face shields from 3D printers for hospitals, material for mouth-nose masks or doorknob hooks from the laser cutter. We are already doing a lot, a lot more is being planned.

The maker movement worldwide helps under the #MakingAgainstCorona to prevent bottlenecks. So do we. Help us so that we can do it together.

For this we need material such as printer filament or fabrics, etc. Tools maybe. Repairs or maintenance of the devices also become due over time. The laser may need a new filter or a power supply unit must be replaced somewher. The printers have other consumables besides the filament. E.g. print beds or nozzles. Any incidental costs must be covered. E.g. for electricity. Delivering or sending material to any place that is urgently needing stuff can also result in costs. We may also supply the makers whith some food or drink while working.

The resulting things are distributed in consultation with the local authorities and those responsible for institutions. But it is also conceivable to help beyond the borders of the Rhein-Sieg district. That will depend on the capacities and needs.

This project therefore covers all direct and indirect costs associated with the Corona virus.

Since it cannot be ruled out that, due to the speed of development, more money can be collected than is ultimately needed (we all hope that it will quickly be over), so we commit to donate any surpluses to a non-profit association.
Updated at 20. January 2021