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Funded Water filters for clean drinking water in Uganda!

Kampala, Uganda

Funded Water filters for clean drinking water in Uganda!

Kampala, Uganda

Thank you for your support! We will be able to distribute 1000 water filters to households in Uganda and support further project measures in our currently running projects!

Viva con Agua from Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. | 
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About this project

Waterfilters are an easy and efficient way to ensure the access to clean drinking water!
Especially in urban ares, filters can be used at home or public institutions to guarantee the water you drink is pure.

We and Viva con Agua Uganda are collaborating with SPOUTS water filters. The Filters are produced in Uganda and ensure an easy, cheap and efficient way to purify water from bacterias or germs.

We will distribute 1000 SPOUTS water filters to households in Kampala to support access to clean drinking water at home even during shutdowns as happening now due to the struggle against the COVID-19 virus.

Further we'll be able - thanks to your great support - to support more project components including more water filters an the distribution of hygiene kits.

Updated at 26. May 2020

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