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Help to help! - Donation for volunteer helpers in Corona mission

Landkreis Teltow-Fläming und Dahme-Spreewald, Germany

Our volunteers have been supporting civil protection and disaster control for weeks. We need donations for the replacement of protective equipment and disinfectants as well as for the replacement of a motorbike for dust support.

K. Tschirner from DRK-Kreisverband Fläming-Spreewald e.V.
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This corona crisis is a great challenge for all of us and demands every area of society. Never before has solidarity been as important as it is today. The many men and women of our district association who are volunteers have been providing support in the areas of civil protection and disaster control for weeks. Due to the dynamic situation and the difficulty in forecasting how long this crisis will last, the DRC must be able to act over a longer period of time. The operational capability of our helpers is the top priority. Because only if they are able to help can they provide effective assistance. 

Therefore we are launching this appeal for donations: Even if contact is to be avoided and social distance is to be maintained, together we can give the people in our country the certainty of closeness, care and helpfulness. Our volunteers support the still important blood donation appointments, they help with the organisation and operation of sampling stations or are on tour with motorcycles to care for and supply truck drivers in traffic jams. We guarantee the availability of elementary material, such as protective equipment and disinfectants. 

The donations are needed for the replenishment of emergency clothing, protective and disinfection materials, such as protective masks, medical products and refill kits for the equipment of ambulances. In addition, an old motorcycle must be substituted. When used for the care of truck drivers standing in traffic jams, it turned out that the driving safety of the motorcycle is no longer guaranteed in the long run. The safety of our helpers is the highest priority for us. 

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