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Dresden, Germany

objekt klein a e.V. is the sponsoring association of the club and socio-cultural centre of the same name, which opened in 2017 on the outskirts of Dresden Neustadt.

Sven Adam from objekt klein a e.V.
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Since 2017, the objekt klein a has stood for collectively organised Dresden club culture. Three steps forward, two steps back - that's how things have been going for us ever since, in mouse steps. And again and again with one foot in the shit. Cutbacks, regulations and now viruses. Like the entire club culture, we too are currently confronted with existential concerns on an unprecedented and as yet unknown scale. Our culture, which struggles every day to make as much as possible out of very little, is currently on the brink of collapse.

The ongoing closures are forcing us to make drastic savings, primarily at the expense of all employees.  The reserves have been used up and time is gnawing away at the aid funds.It is impossible to say with any certainty how long this state of emergency will last, nor how going out will change in the face of recessionary trends in the economy as a whole.  For club businesses operating in the scene, such as the object klein a, and the people there who are trying to find a counter-draft to the profit-oriented cultural industry, the scenario meanwhile goes far beyond the limits of the burden that the permanent crisis of culture has placed on them and within which they have struggled to establish themselves.

We need help. With your support in covering running costs, you will help us to save the objekt klein a, to maintain and rediscover club culture in Dresden as a progressive and integrative social project, to bring theory and practice together in this place and to create a refuge for all of us and not least for people marginalized in our society.

1000 thanks for your support!

The tax-deductible donation receipts are automatically sent to all supporters by the donation recipient in February of the following year.  Thanks for your support!

By the way, if you also want to throw something into the solidarity fund of the Dresden club network, you can do so here: Shutdown? Rise up! - Save the Dresden clubs.