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COVID-19 Emergency Aid for Local Hospitals in Kenya

Kisii, Kenya

Through this project we will provide local hospitals in Kenya with personal protection equipment, technology for frontline workers and financial support in order to assist them in preparing for the imminent spread of COVID-19.

Johanna Wiest from Dentists for Africa
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Local health facilities in Kenya  have little or no means to prepare for the imminent spread of COVID-19. They lack basic eqipment such as protective gear, masks, disinfectent, gloves and gowns. Testing is so far only available in the capital Nairobi and there are only a few facilities in the country where patients can be treated in isolation. Without personal protective equipment there is a risk that medical staff at local hospitals will go on strike in order to protect themselves and their families. 
The WHO has warned that African countries need to prepare for the worst. We agree with this assessment. Measures such as self-isolation and social distancing cannot be implemented in the densely popualted slums and settlements where the poor and most vulnerable live. 
At DfA we have been working with two Franciscan congregations in Kenya for more than 20 years. Our partners, who run local hospitals, are telling us that they have not received any assistance by the government so far. If we want to provide support by setting up the necessary infrastructure for an emergency response, we need to act fast. We have thus decided to use our network, our close relationship with local health facilities and our resources to work towards preventing a humanitarian crisis.
Join us and help us to provide local health facilities with the assistance and support they need to save the lives of their patients and help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Kenya!