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Social Living for families in Kenya

Kilifi, Kenya

We built living huts for families in Kilifi, so that they can leave their horrible huts in the slums. We supply the families with water, toilets and beds. In the case of an emergency we help families to repair their destroyed huts. Please help!

Cordula B. from Harambee e.V. | 
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About this project

The living conditions of many of our families are horrible - with large families they live in little huts without windows, often half demolished, without water, without toilets, without light. Most of them sleep on the ground. Often enough they have to pay a lot of money to rent a hut in a bad condition. To help those families, we started our "Social Living" project. We buy land and build living huts in the Kenyan tradition, but far more robust and with a better living standard. Each hut can house two families, each half of the hut has two rooms with windows, a door which can be locked, beds, mosquito nets and a solar lamp. A few huts share a toilet and a water supply. The families do pay rent for these huts, but this rent is reasonable and affordable for the families. The water is sold for the price we pay for it. The first five huts are built and ten families have already moved, another hut is in construction at the moment. We are planning to build more living huts in the future.
Updated at 08. April 2020