A school for children in Kenya

An aid project by “Harambee e.V.” (Cordula B.) in Kilifi, Kenya

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Cordula B. (Project Manager)

Cordula B.
Education is the basis of all change in society - therefore school plays a vital role for the development of third world countries. The school system in Kenya is not ideal in this respect - it lacks proper funding; classes are huge and teachers underpaid. Attending a primary state school is free in principle - however, additional costs make it difficult for families to afford school for all of their children; especially if those children are needed for providing financial support to the family by their labour.

In 2007 we decided to buy land in Kilifi, Kenya, to build a school. We officially registered our school in Kenya and pay all running costs (teachers, food, books, school uniforms, medical treatment) via donations.

By now, 400 children are attending our school from Kindergarten up the the 4th grade of primary school. We have built school buildings with classrooms for each class, a hall and a toilet building. Still we are planning to extend those buildings - our school will be growing until we offer education up to the 8th grade. Each year we welcome a new class of pupils at our school and hope to provide them with an education which will be their start into a better life.

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Location: Kilifi, Kenya

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