Closed Brazil: Struggle for equality

An aid project by J. Wagner in Salvador, Brazil

J. Wagner (Project Manager)

J. Wagner
Despite its recent economic growth, Brazil continues to struggle with extreme social inequality and widespread poverty.

Salvador has become one of the most heavily affected areas of these social differences. Currently, more than 4000 people are forced to live on the streets in Salvador. Every day become victims of violence and discrimination.

The Movimento da População de Rua (Movement of Homeless People) has actively engaged in the the struggle against this discrimination. Maria Lúcia, director of the Movement, says, ”For too long we´ve been deprived of our most fundamental rights. We want to show that we exist, that we do have dignity and that we don´t want to live on the streets anymore!”

Therefore, the Movement tries to change these circumstances by giving a voice to those who have long been socially and politically silenced. By organizing public events, awareness campaigns and reaching out to the general public the Movement engages in the political struggle for greater empowerment.

Next to its political word, the Movimento da População de Rua also aims to strengthen the provision of immediate aid. It works in close cooperation with other civil society movements and government agencies to create more public accomodation, support anti-drug programs and create professional education and training programs. Most recently, the Movement has started a professional training program to place more than 80 people to work on the new stadium for the World Cup in 2014.

The Movimento da População de Rua cannot succeed alone in its struggle. It requires our collective support. Please feel free to come visit our headquarter in Salvador, write us an email and learn more about our work. We are happy to share our experiences with you and are always seeking new partners to strive for our common goal

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Location: Salvador, Brazil

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