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Pflanzt mit uns Streuobstwiesen - die kleinen Regenwälder Brandenburgs

Berlin, Germany

Plant orchard meadows with us - the small rainforests of Brandenburg! Your active contribution to regional climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity and species diversity! Reclaim orchard meadows with Äpfel & Konsorten e.V.

Äpfel & Konsorten e.V. from Äpfel & Konsorten e.V:
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Plant orchard meadows with us - the small rainforests of Brandenburg!
In recent decades, the stocks of orchards in Germany and especially in Brandenburg (due to the payment of deforestation premiums) have decreased. We are doing something about it!
Because orchard meadows have a high ecological importance. They are biotopes for around 6,000 different animal and plant species (some of which are threatened with extinction) and are therefore among the most species-rich habitats in Central Europe. Orchard biotopes serve as water filters and protect the groundwater, they counteract soil erosion and promote the accumulation of humus.
We, Äpfel & Konsorten e.V., have set ourselves the goal of protecting, maintaining and replanting orchard meadows and thus promoting the typical regional fruit variety diversity in Berlin and Brandenburg.
We lease meadows, plant and maintain trees. We bring together friends of orchards, orchard initiatives and stakeholders from the region. We bundle the energy in order to achieve more for climate protection, biodiversity and species diversity.
Äpfel & Konsorten e.V. was founded in 2012 and currently has 4 permanent employees (part time) and 60 active members. Together we were able to plant about 200 new trees and preserve numerous old trees. We continuously carry out networking and educational events (e.g. tree pruning courses) and network with other initiatives in the country to join forces and exchange knowledge and experience. But we need to do more!

Our goals/activities:
Planting trees: 250 new trees every year (tree sponsorships)
Acquiring areas: from 10,000 sqm (lease or purchase)
Volunteers: Register in our volunteer pool!
Orchard meadows as a compensation measure: we advise and implement
Public relations & education: training, workshops & conferences

With your donation you support the preservation of biodiversity and species diversity in Berlin and Brandenburg - your active contribution to regional climate and environmental protection!