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Help Phoenix Fire Convention Survive 2020

A project from Vida Libre e.V
in Hildburghausen, Germany

We need financial support to avoid getting into debt with the Phoenix Fire Convention 2020! Every € helps to possibly organize a Phoenix 2021 again. Please participate in this project because we really depend on you!

Christian Unger
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About this project

The Phoenix Fire Convention 2020 was planned for the end of August but had to be canceled due to the increased risk of infection with the corona virus.

For years the organizers have been taking a high private risk to organize one of the biggest fire arts events in the world on a voluntary basis. But the current situation does not allow us to continue with the planning, so we unfortunately had to cancel the Phoenix 2020.

We want to cover the costs of almost 25.000 € through a crowdfunding project and hope that the community will pull together.

The costs that we will probably have to pay up to now, because the contracts have already been signed or the expenses have already been paid off, are listed below.

UPDATE 16.03.2020
  • Circus tent rent = 1865,76 € (just 33,3% from the originalrent)
  • GEMA / Music Copyright costs from the previous year = €5.000
  • Lamp oil 2000 liter= 0 €
  • Merchandise including cups, cushions, backpacks = 2.200 €
  • Dixi & sanitary facilities = 2.380 €
  • New campsite = 2.000 €
  • Phoenix sculpture material = 1.200 €
  • Tools such as planer, cordless screwdriver = 1.000 €
  • Pirate coins = 850 €
  • Promotional items & Give Aways = 600 €
  • Association & event insurance = 500 €
Total = €24.550
UPDATE16.03.20 = 17.595,76

We are aware that we can use many things from this list in 2021, but unfortunately they still have to be financed first and we simply do not have the money to do so.

We will try to reach a compromise with some providers. We will keep you informed with any costs that we manage to reduce.

In the end, we will have to raise at least 14.000 € to cover all the costs that we won't be able to use in 2021!

The Phoenix has been organised for 8 years by a small group of fire artists and now there are over 60 team leaders with over 200 coworkers, all 100% volunteers!

We are aware that the situation could look better again for the Phoenix at the end of August and the event could take place again. Nevertheless we do not want to create an international source of infection nor can we trust that we will sell enough tickets to cover the gigantic costs of almost 70.000 €.

There is a possibility that other countries are under quarantine, but maybe there is also a ban on entry into Germany and our participants themselves might be financially affected and therefore have no money to buy the ticket.

If this campaign is successful we are not only incredibly proud of all our supporters and our strong community, but there will be another Phoenix in 2021!

Fiery regards and thanks!
Christian [Phoenix Team]