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Revival Bewegung - Gott erleben

A project from Revival Church Deutschland e.V.
in Essen, Germany

The REVIVAL movement is a Christian network that strengthens the faith of European Christians and also spreads the gospel in Europe. It is important to us to reach young people and immigrants in particular. We are German based.

Revival Church Deutschland e.V.
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About this project

We are a movement that covers all aspects of Christian life. The essence of our ministry is a life-changing Bible school, church planting, conferences, mission projects, publishing and we also dream of a new movement in praise and worship.

We are convinced that God has something new and strong in Europe and wants to prepare us for a revival. We are ready to do anything for God's dream and prepare anyone who wants to be prepared for the coming revival. We believe that we are a movement that has a lot of experience, what real revival looks like and can impart that.

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