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Berlin, Germany

A tribunal on the human right to health of refugees and migrants will take place in Berlin from 23-25 October 2020. We are collecting donations to finance simultaneous and consecutive interpreters during the hearing.

Xanthe H. from IPPNW Deutschland
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The climate towards refugees is getting worse and worse: the tightening of asylum legislation and the isolation of Europe continue.  While the Nobel Peace Prize winner EU boasts of standards such as the observance of human rights, thousands of people regularly die at its borders. Sick, traumatised and pregnant people are being deported more and more rigorously. Many people seeking protection do not receive the treatment they are entitled to because of strict asylum laws or racist behaviour by health workers, among others. This practice, which is incompatible with the human right to health, exposes fugitives to unacceptable risks.

A Tribunal on the Human Right to Health of Refugees and Migrants will be held at Refugio Berlin from 23-25 October 2020. In the following areas, we as a preparatory alliance will file charges of human rights violations*:

1. access to health care 
2. effects of living conditions in mass housing on mental and physical health   
3. residence status, deportation and health   
4. criminalisation of solidarity
5. Germany's responsibility in EU sealing policy

* Racism, gender and age-specific aspects of flight/migration as well as trauma and health run through the prosecution as cross-cutting issues.

The donations will be used to finance the Tribunal, especially for the use of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters during the public hearing. Interpreters enable witnesses to present their accusation in their mother tongue. In addition, translation into several languages makes the trial accessible to a wider audience.

The following alliance organisations are involved:
Women in Exile e.V., Yaar e.V., Respect, International Women Space, Ärzte der Welt, borderline-europe – Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V., Bundesweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Psychosozialen Zentren für Flüchtlinge und Folteropfer (BAfF), Deutsche Aidshilfe, InEUmanity, IPPNW e.V., Medibüro Berlin, Medico International, Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg, vdää

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