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Funded Supplies for UNO+ in Parrita

Parrita, Costa Rica

Funded Supplies for UNO+ in Parrita

Parrita, Costa Rica

We are collecting donations, in order to buy supplies for the children in Uno+ Parrita, so that they have the same chance and can enjoy the same activities as the children from the other projects.

C. Klöckner from VISIONEERS e.V. | 
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About this project

we are two girls from Germany, Lina (18 years) and Carlotta (19), currently working as volunteers in Costa Rica. Our project is called UNO+, which serves as save space for children after school. The kids can come after school, in order to be creative, to spend time with their friends, to do crafts, to learn and over all to have fun. Thus we want to support parents, who do not have enough time for their kids due to work or other reasons. Furthermore, we want to offer to the children a save environment away from drugs and crime. Our project is located in four different areas. As we could see during the last months, UNO+ in Parrita is clearly located in the poorest area out of all the other projects. Therefore, many problems have occured during the last months. UNO+ in Parrita is badly equiped with supplies. Even though most children are registered in Uno+ in Parrita, it takes place in a tiny room, where the kids barely fit. Compared to the other projects, this one does not get support from donaters. In the others areas, there are Americans occasionally coming as misioneers, in order to support the projects with money, supplies as well as organizing events for the kids. Unfortunatly, this great support from the donaters does not get through to Uno+ in Parrita. Many times it is hard for us volunteers to prepare or to bring fun crafts, because we are out of paint, papers, pencils and more. We would love to be able to offer the kids in Parrita more. We want to keep up Uno+ in Parrita, because we know how important it is for the children. Uno+ is an important part in their lives, where they can be nothing but kids, away from their daily problems in a troubled area.

We want to create a more colourful world for the children from Uno+ in Parrita, wherefore we need your help! 

We are greatful for every donation, even the smallest! Every donation gets us closer to our goal, to buy supplies for being able to do crafts with the kids and to have plenty of fun with them!

Each donation will be used for buying paint, paper, pencils, scissors, glue, ballons and more.

We thank you very much in advance.

Best regards from Costa Rica,

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