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Tutoring and homework assistance in Berlin-Neukölln

Berlin, Germany

We support the exchange between people of different origins and a solidary and respectful cooperation. The focus of our activities is the work with children and young people, especially tutoring and homework assistance.

Niels Aka from Blickwinkel e.V.
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Our association Blickwinkel e.V. was founded in 2007. Our focus is the work with children and young people. We are located in the north of Neukölln on the Sonnenallee. The Blickwinkel e. V. is a corporate member of the AWO and a certified organization of the free youth aid.
It advocates the exchange between people of different origins and a solidary and respectful cooperation, independent of nationality, gender or religion. Further goals are the empowerment for better educational opportunities for pupils, as well as the strengthening of the self-confidence of children and young people and their development into open and social personalities.

The offers of our association are among others:

  • Tutoring and homework assistance
  • open recreational activities
  • Discussion events with children and young people on social and political topics
  • Help in finding internships, training and study places,
  • Application training
  • Guidance for personal problem situations
Our association works mainly on a voluntary basis with a multi-professional team of social workers, teachers, students, interns, professionals, pupils, job seekers and pensioners.

To enable as many students as possible from socially disadvantaged families to take advantage of our offer, our fees for tutoring are very low.
They therefore cover only a part of our monthly costs - especially for rent and material.
Therefore we are very happy about donations to continue and expand our work.