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Improving the integral development of infants and children in Cañete - Peru

A project from Deutsche Peruhilfe Alma Capac e.V.
in Quilmana - San Vicente de Cañete, Peru

Construction and implemantation of -7 Kindergartens: -1 Mother, Child Center -1 Bakery around the of Quilmana in the district of Cañete and nutritional evaluation and monitoring -a anemia Reduction Plan -other Workshops for the local people

Thorsten Hölscher
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About this project

Since about 20 years we help in Peru where the need is greatest and where the beneficiary population is actively involved in the projects. We carry out the following types of projects in Peru:
-Construction and furnishing of communal kitchens
-Construction of ecological letrines
-Construction and establishment of schools, kindergartens and training centers
-Construction and establishment of medical wards
-Promotion of education and training aimed at gaining employment
-Programs to promote income-generating measures such as building and setting up bakeries, livestock farms and small business programs
-Training in the field of nutrition, hygiene and health
-Legal advice for the "disadvantaged population"
The project sites are located in the province of Lima, especially in the poor districts in the north in the districts: Carabayllo, Ventanilla, Puente Piedra, and in the rural area of ​​San Vicente de Canete, about 2,5 hours south of Lima, with the localities Nuevo Imperial, Santa Maria Alta and Carmen Alto as well as around Cerro Azul and Mala.
Most of our projects are funded by the W.P. Schmitz Foundation, Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklungshilfe, Neue Horizonte, the LAZ (Latin America Center Bonn), as well as by the German state through the BMZ. The direct smaller donations are a crucial contribution to round off the projects.

No we have planed the next large project which will take place in and around the smal town of Quilmana in the district of San Vicente de Cañete, about 2 hours and 160 Kilomters south of Lima.

It is planed to built:
-7 Kindergartens:
-1 Mother, Child Center
-1 Bakery
-Followed by the implementation of these Buildings and
-Nutritional evaluation and monitoring
-an anemia Reduction Plan
-some other Workshops for the local people

We already planed and carry out sucsessfully similar project in the same Region. Al the former projects can be visited !