School feeding in south Malawi

An aid project by “Mlango e.V.” (h. meyer) in Thuchila, Malawi

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h. meyer (Project Manager)

h. meyer
MLANGO supports Mwangothaya school since 2008. The number of pupils attending classes has more than doubled since then: from 200 to 450. By now, the school has four classes. As the school building has four rooms (besides the kitchen), the flour for the daily feeding has to be stored in the classroom of the fourth grade.

Parents and teachers of the school want to erect a new building in which the flour is to be stored in future. They create the bricks on their own as there is plenty of clay available. And they work for free. Our support is limited to buying materials which they cannot produce on their own: e.g. rimber and iron sheets for the roof.

Engagement and motivation of parents and teachers at the Mwangothaya school is extraordinary. Our experience about the cooperation of the last years is very good.

During our visit in April 2011, parents and teachers said that they wanted to erect the new building as storage room for the flour. This shows, that also in this case, they took initative. By now, first plans have been made so that the scope is clear.

The new building for the storage room will bring two benefits to the children: The pupils of grade four will have more space in their classroom when the flour is not stored in there anymore. Furthermore, conditions for storing the flour will be better resulting in better quality of the daily porridge.

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