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Dancersconnect 2020 - The Network for Professional Dancers

Berlin, Germany

Dancersconnect 2020 - The Network for Professional Dancers

Berlin, Germany

No dance without dancers! Support dancersconnect! We connect, inform and educate. Dancersonnect provides cultural-political impulses to create optimal and fair conditions for the work and personal lives of professional dancers.

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V. from dancersconnect | 
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About this project

Our network - Dancersconnect has become a well-known platform for professional dancers in Germany. We are constantly receiving inquiries about artistic activities and life in Germany. The network was founded by dancers in 2017 and through their great voluntary work continues to grow steadily. The team is doing pioneering work by giving stage artists, for the first time, a strong and common voice within the dance establishment.

Our vision - Dancersconnect focuses on the dancers. The conditions of their work and private lives should be improved to achieve even higher artistic quality. Through the sharing of information and training in related topics, dancers are encouraged to contribute more regularly and confidently. Our institutions should offer the best possible conditions for a fulfilling dance career and at the same time a socially secure life in Germany, because dancers bring their talent here from all over the world. A publicly funded dance landscape like the one here is unique in the world and therefore sets standards for the greater industry.

Our work - The team, consisting of dancers from various companies, holds an annual nationwide dancer conference with lectures, workshops and discussion groups. The advocacy group elected there, the Federal German Dance Board, travels to specialist conferences every month, gives lectures and organizes working groups with directors, trade unions and dance medicine professionals. In the spirit of the #metoo movement, dancersconnect provides significant stimulus for conversation and has established itself as a major player within 3 years. In addition, our media team uses social media platforms and our website to maintain an intensive communication network that keeps the flow of information debate on-going. In countless personalized discussions and emails, we advise individual dancers or entire ensembles, connect them with competent experts or help with translations. Occasionally we go to a company and help directly with onsite communications.

The need
Dancersconnect requires a total of € 10,000 for 2020. So far, the team has been running the network exclusively at its own financial cost. The money is to be used to finance: the annual dancersconnect conference, trips to partner conferences and team meetings, the website, social media work, and general management through part-time student work. This should lead to long-term public funding. For this purpose, dancersconnect will be founded in March 2020 as an independent association.

Until then, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V. will make its infrastructure available and accept donations for dancersconnect that will benefit the network in full.
Updated at 18. March 2020