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The last of their kind – Help now!

KFI is active in protecting and conserving threatened wildlife in Palawan, Philippines. Part of the work is the maintenance of an assurance colony of the Philippine Forest Turtle. The maintenance is very costly and needs your support.

S. Schoppe from Carpus e.V.Write a message

Carpus e.V. supports the successful conservation projects of Katala Foundation Inc. in Palawan, Philippines for several years now.
Katala Foundation, Inc. (KFI), a non-stock, non-governmental organization that has been active in protecting and conserving wildlife, particularly the Philippine cockatoo Cacatua haematuropygia, Philippine forest turtle Siebenrockiella leytensis and other threatened endemic wildlife in Palawan, Philippines. Katala Foundation was officially registered in 2002. KFI operates solely on funds from concerned organizations, government and individuals.
The current project intends to protect the critically endangered Philippine or Palawan Forest Turtle (Siebenrockiella leytensis) from extinction. This species is among the 25 top most threatened turtle species of the world. The species only occurs in the Philippine Province of Palawan. Very little is known about the biology and ecology of the species. The species is threatened – among others – by the international pet trade. Turtles are collected in Palawan and illegally traded to other parts in the Philippines and abroad. This has reduced the population sizes significantly
Part of KFI’s conservation program for the Forest Turtle is the maintenance of an assurance colony at the Katala Institute for Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation (KIEBC). Since 2007, KFI keeps 30 forest turtles that were illegally traded and confiscated and then turned over by the Philippine Government to KIEBC. It is aimed at maintaining and hopefully breeding the species for later re-introduction to the wild. However the species proved to be difficult to maintain in captive and captive breeding in KIEBC and elsewhere in the world has not yet been successful.
The husbandry of the turtles in KIEBC is very costly. Therefore Katala Foundation needs our and your financial support to buy feeds, medicines, and to pay the zookeepers and consultant veterinarians. By adopting an animal at the KIEBC or by donating for the maintenance of the turtles, you are making a direct contribution of providing food, care and safeguarding the future of the species. Please support Katala Foundation in their important conservation work and help to prevent the extinction of the Philippine Forest Turtle Siebenrockiella leytensis.