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Closed Study: Shiatsu and mindfulness for stressed subjects

Berlin, Hamburg, München, ..., Germany

The study “shiatsu and mindfulness exercises for stress subjects” requires funds for the practitioners. A fully trained shiatsu practitioner receives 30 € per treatment as compensation. There will also be lab costs for cortisol measurements.

Ulrike Schmidt from Förderverein für Shiatsu e.V.
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What happened so far
in 2017 the german shiatsu society (GSD) conducted a pilot study under the direction of Achim Schrievers, Institute for energetic body work and creativity, together with Prof. Dr. Niko Kohls, University of applied science in Coburg.
This recorded the effect of shiatsu treatment and a specific form of mindfulness exercise “ die 4 Anker, the four anchors” in test persons with increased stress level. The study showed significant improvements in the stress parameters examined.

Aim and design of the current study
The aim of the project is to validate and evaluate the results of the pilot study, in which form the methods mentioned can contribute to maintaining health and reducing stress. We would like to answer following questions:
  • How does Shiatsu and the mindfulness exercises affect the overall subjective feeling, how the feeling of being stressed.
  • To what extent do shiatsu and mindfulness exercises support each other in their effects?
  • Can the results of the pre-test be confirmed in a larger, cross border study?
  • To which clients do the methods appear promising?

It is designed as a four-part-study with a total of 300 probands and contains control groups. The participants receive eight treatments per week.
To compare the effects, some of the participants are introduced to the mindfulness exercises in groups and receive no treatment. This part of the study is done separately from the treatments, both the training of the course instructors and the acquisition of the test subjects takes place separately. The test persons are questioned as online surveys with standardized questionnaires at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the treatment series. In addition, the effects beyond the duration of treatment are assessed in a follow-up survey. The cortisol value of the test subjects is measured as a physical parameter before the start and at the end of the study.

Professional and scientific support:
Karin Koers, fumana GmbH
  • Diploma in business information technology, B.Sc. complementary therapy, shiatsu-practitioner ( GSD) & coach ( FH) 
  • Research on shiatsu as a complementary method for stress-related stress in combination with cognitive approaches.

Joachim Schrievers, institute for energetic body work and creativity
  • Teacher of shiatsu, Qi Gong & Taiji Quan
  • Studied sports science with a two year study stay in Japan.
  • Author of the mindfulness exercise “ the four anchors” and course instructor for these within the scope of the study.