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Kits ready for the future - playful introduction to digitization

A project from Signo-1-Saar e.V.
in St. Wendel, Germany

We offer free programming lessons, build robots and design digital 3D worlds for Virtual Reality (VR / AR) using some private hardware. Donations would also enable financially weaker children to participate.

Martin Müller
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About this project

Signo-1-Saar e.V. is an inventors, engineer and technology club in St. Wendel (Saarland). In addition to our activities in invention and engineering, we have been intensively involved with youth development in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and  Mathematics) for two years.
We offer free of charge programming courses, build robots and design digital 3D worlds for virtual reality.

Specifically, we're doing the following projects:
• Learn programming with Scratch and ScratchJr
• Create mobile applications / mobile apps
• Build and program robots
• Build and program autonomous drones
• Investigate in autonomous driving with traffic control and vehicle-to-vehicle communication
• Virtual Reality (VR): create 3D worlds
• Augmented Reality (AR): linking the VR to the real world
• DIY of 3D printers

Why We Need Your Support?

Digitization during the corona crisis
The corona lockdown also suddenly interrupted our project planning. In order to be able to resume our work as quickly as possible and be prepared for the future, we are building a virtualized infrastructure:
  • Shared cloud storage
  • Video conference system
  • Virtual classroom
  • Virtual (Linux) PCs
Our special feature is that we not only set up this virtual infrastructure for our project participants, but we build our own project from this planning, so that the participants can learn the procedure and copy it in other places.

Electronics tinkering with the Raspberry Pi
The Raspi is a jack of all trades under the microcomputers. It is the base for any mobile or networked hardware: IoT Internet of Things, communication, automation, robots and drones control.

Sunfounder PiCar Robot Kit
As basis for the robotics we use a kit of the Chinese manufacturer Sunfounder, which costs approx. 150, - Euro including Raspi. Many of our participants buy their own kit privately, but there are also many children who do not have these funds available.

3D printer
... helps us manufacture components for the robots ourselves and thus lower costs. And building is much more fun than buying "off the peg".

Computer for 3D-Development, Virtual & Augmented Reality
We build a powerful computer for the 3D development. We only have to buy corresponding tablet computers for the implementation on mobile devices, since these cannot be built by ourselves.

With your donations, please help us to put into practice the many ideas we have. Each donation helps another child to enter the infinite field of digitization.