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Closed A dignified infrasructure for Kiwumu Public School

Kampala, Uganda

Closed A dignified infrasructure for Kiwumu Public School

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Population increase at Kiwumu Public School has compelled Hope Christian Children's Foundation,to initiate a campaign for better structures to benefit 1,500 children each year.

J. Lukyamuzi from Hope Chriatian Childrens' Foundation BulobaWrite a message

Kiwumu Public Primary School was started by 4 volunteers in 1998 as a private school with an aim of providing education opportunities to the disadvantaged, orphaned,children from financially strained homes and the young ones who could not walk to distant schools daily.It was registered by the Ministry of Education the same year.We started with 23 children and currently enrollment has risen to 1,258 pupils.This increase in population has culminated into limited space for classes,library and recreation.The school is based on Christian faith pillars and dispensing both primary and vocation education.

•To join the United Nations’ struggle of fighting against illiteracy among the people, hence enabling children to acquire functional literacy, numeracy and communication skills.
•To enable children under our guidance and care to forge a purposeful life.
•To identify and develop each child’s potentials
•To create future job opportunities for the children , the educationists and community at large in order to avoid redundancy , drug abuse and crime
•To develop a friendly education system that will help parents and children to stop walking very long distances looking for good schools.
•To develop constructive cultural, moral and spiritual values that will enable children to live a descent and useful life.
•To design extra-curricula programs that will enable the children to learn how to protect and appreciate the environment.
•To research into problems that affect adolescence learning (especially girl child).

This project is intended to benefit over 1,500 children of the following categories:-
*Children from low income homes,
*Those with disabilities,
*Those from financially strained homes and
*The orphaned children.

•Child Development.
The first priority in promoting effective child development is to ensure that children survive the early years when they are most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition.
•Growth Monitoring to ensure steady growth
•Child Counseling and promoting individual/group/peer support
•Family Life Education
•Children Social Adjustment and Development
•Mentoring and parenting
•Clinics/Hospitals Medical Treatment
•Crisis Intervention
•AIDS Education and Prevention
•Information/Referral Service
•Religious Development

The grant will be used to put in place more dignified infrastructures cmprising 2 block structures in order to create space for bigger school offices ,classrooms , recreation/examination hall and school library/ICT

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