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Funded Let Children Play | Smiles Africa Charity

Children have the right to play. Let them play! That is why we want to set up a fully equipped toy library in our Smiles Centre in the slum of Korogocho. For this we need your support!

Paul G. from Smiles Africa CharityWrite a message

Let Children Play
Children have the right to play. Let them play! So it is up to us to empower them. We at Smiles Africa Charitywant to set up a toy library in our Smiles Centre in the slum of Korogocho (for the expansion of which we collected donations here last year). 

Why do we want to build a toy library?
In the study center of our Mentorship-Programs , where the toy library will be located, we want to give every child free access to toys. In the library, the children can borrow toys, use them and bring them back afterwards.
Through play, a child can not only relax, but also read, count, and share, and learn how teamwork, communication, and social interaction work. For this reason, we want to use play as a therapeutic method to help children improve their future.

What is needed?
In order to be able to realize this toy library, we have worked with our Kenyan team to find out in advance what is necessary for this. As a basis we need a metal cabinet, which we can securely attach to our container. We then want our Kenyan team to equip it with carefully selected toys in order to help the children to become children again. This includes board games such as 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht', or the English version 'Ludo' or play equipment such as a frisbee, a football or skipping rope, as well as wooden toys (vehicles, puzzle games).

For this we need your support.

Of course you can continue to donate for our primary cause "Qualitative Education for Kids & Young People in Kenya".