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Project-E: Emancipation, Education, Empowerment for young women in Ethiopia

A project from PROJECT-E
in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

PROJECT-E is an NGO that supports education of women in Ethiopia. It is a project about the emancipation of women through education and the contribution to a sustainable economic development of Ethiopia.

Miriam Ehrlinspiel
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About this project

Thank you for your interest in Project-E!  
Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts. Without all the support, this project couldn’t take place. That’s why giving matters!  
Project-E is an NGO that supports the education of women in Ethiopia since 2007. It has grown enormously, and the project is now run voluntarily by 40 students and young people all over Europe, as well as in Addis Ababa at the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute (PEHI) founded in 2015. This structure enables us to ensure that 98% of your donations go directly to the project in Ethiopia. Every year, the PEHI welcomes 100 students who have the chance to complete a high-quality, accredited training in the hospitality sector. In addition to learning how to work in hospitality, important soft and social skills are taught, such as team work, self-confidence and perseverance. 
For these young women, PROJECT-E is a way out of poverty: they can count on a secure job and income once they've graduated. In 2022, we have big plans: the launch of a new training program, moving to a bigger building, buying a new car to transport staff & students as well as a solar power system for a more sustainable institute. For our year-end campaign focusing on the theme of “Giving”, we have set ourselves to raise 6.000 Euros to help us finance our students boarding and our step towards sustainability. 
We would love to hear your giving stories alongside your support, so don’t hesitate to share your story in a comment with your donation or simply on our page! 
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