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Water supply in Ecuador | Saubere Wasserversorgung in Ecuador | TeoG Aachen

A project from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
in El Cascajal, Ecuador

With your donation, you give victims of an earthquake on April 16, 2016 access to clean fresh water and thus create a secure livelihood. The projected is conducted by Technik ohne Grenzen Aachen. We are engaged students from the RWTH university.

Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. Aachen
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About this project

Supplying fresh water is a major problem in rural areas on the Ecuadorian coast. The already limited infrastructure was severely damaged by a severe earthquake in April 2016. Some members of the regional group Aachen were in and around the country during and after the earthquake and volunteered for first aid. Experiencing the plight of local people has led them to launch the project Ecuador 2017 to help to improve water supply over the long term.


The remote rural village of El Cascajal is located in an area hit hard by the April 2016 earthquake. During our first visit in June 2019, it became clear that the water supply is still in a devastating condition and has been very poorly restored. Due to the contaminated water, the residents there often suffer from diarrhea and other complaints. People only have access to safe drinking water through regular privatized water supplies, but the financial resources are lacking for many families.


Our project objective is to help local residents build a long-term and autonomous supply of fresh water. For this purpose, spring water should be collected and treated by a filter system. Currently we are working on the development of a technical solution to this problem. According to the current state, this will be a combined sediment and chlorine filter system.


In order to guarantee the sustainability of our project, it is important for us to involve the inhabitants of the village of Cascajal in the planning and implementation of the project. Therefore, it is important for us to familiarize local people with filter technology, as well as to provide training, so we work out a concept in parallel, with which we can impart the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to guarantee the autonomy of the villagers.

For the implementation of the departure and the further steps we depend on financial support. Due to the awards of the Stifterpreis of the Städteregion Aachen for international engagement as well as an extensive support by the wilo Foundation ( only a few hundred Euros are missing for the realization of our second departure and the achievement of the o.g. aims


Make a contribution to improving the drinking water supply of the people of Ecuador in the long term by donating our project. We appreciate your support!



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