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Arequipa, Peru

A developmental NGO in Arequipa, Peru, offering a project to empower mothers and give them an extra income source. You donation will go directly to our textile project to buy machines and materials for the project.

P. Yeboah from Intiwawa e.V.
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Simply. Helping. Intiwawa fights poverty in Peru.

As a young dynamic organization, Intiwawa helps fight poverty in the slums of Arequipa. At the core of this aim is raising the standard of living for the families involved in our projects. Since the beginning of our "Madres Luchadores" project 2 years ago in 2018, we have been able to provide additional income to the mothers of san Isidro while also empowering them through the regular gatherings.

At the begining of this project, the Women were producing little textile bags for the chocolates from our collaboration with the native Peruvian Chocolate company "Chaqchao". We quickly realised the potential of the mother's and proceeded to expand the project by including clothing items like Pullovers, Scarfs and Gloves also into the training of the mothers. Over the course of the years however, this project has gained further recognition within the community, resulting in a 100% increase of participants from 10-20 people. Approximately 500 items have been produced by hand so far and more than 15000 Peruvian soles have been raised.

Income Distribution:
From every item sold, the mother's of Intiwawa receive 80% of the sales price directly while Intiwawa uses the remaining 20% to develop its other projects. In August this year,  one of our skilled mothers managed to earn an astounding 700 soles in just 15 days at one of the local events compared to a mere 350 soles average monthly income. 

The idea for the future is to increase production efficiency through machinery production. Sewing Machines will significantly increase productivity of the mothers and the quality of the products as well as quantity. 

From the projected 4500€ capital for 2020, Intiwawa is looking to increase production efficiency and machinery skills of the mothers. This requires an investment in these areas. 
  • 12000 soles (2000 Soles/machine): Price for the minimum of 6 sewing machines required for the project. 
  • 3600 Soles (30S/h) approximate costs of a trainer: Intense training of 120h (about 2-3 months) in producing ready-to-sell items
  • 1500 Soles of planned additional material costs of the mothers and possible price increases of the training or machinery. 
  • TOTAL: 17100 Soles / 4500 Euros

More textiles can be produced which will mean more income for the families to raise their standard of living. Feel free to visit our Shop on our website: for more information on this project and our beautiful products.