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Secondary School Education for 32 Orphans in Kenya

A project from Dentists for Africa
in Kisumu, Kenya

This project will provide access to secondary school for 32 orphans in Kenya. The children will go to a boarding school. They will receive basic equiptment that will enable them to learn, stay in school and perform well.

Johanna Wiest
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About this project

This project will facilitate access to secondary education for 32 Kenyan orphans who have performed well in primary school but cannot afford school fees and basic equipment despite having been admitted to a good school. The objective is to make higher education available to vulnerable Kenyan children, which will enable them to realize better, more productive lives and provide them with a higher income earning potential, which will benefit the national economic development in the long run.
The 32 orphans will start their secondary education at a boarding school in January 2020. In order to ensure that they have everything they need to perform well and stay in school we will provide them with a box containing basic provisions such as towels, sheets, shoes etc. Going to a boardings school will ensure that the children can learn without being distracted and stay in a safe and stable environment.