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Help us provide the school in Ghana with books and computers!

Gyamase, Ghana

The „Yonso Project Model School” in Ghana has opened its doors. The next step is to provide the school with books and computers and therefore we need your help!

Jonas & Maximilian from my Boo Ghana School e.V. | 
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About this project

What is the project about?

Education is a privilege in Ghana which only a few parents can afford for their children. 40% of the Ghanaian population from rural areas can’t access school. (National Analytical Report).
In September 2019 the “Yonso Project Model School” opened its doors and more than 200 children from the Ashanti region were able to attend school. The school is organized by the “Yonso Project” in Ghana which produces bamboo bicycle frames on fair terms. The income was used to build the school (and to support other social projects in this area).
My Boo is the principal customer of the bamboo bicycle frames. The company builds their bamboo bikes in Kiel, Germany. To support the school beyond this, my Boo has founded the non-profit organization “my Boo Ghana School e.V.”.

What is the goal?

For Kwabena Danso, leader of the Yonso project, and his wife Grace, who is a teacher, education is the most important gift you can give to your children. It is the key to break the cycle of poverty.
Together they want to reform the “traditional” education system of Ghana which is mostly limited on learning something by rote and passing exams. At the same time the school offers a good education at an affordable price.

What is required?

The offer of the Yonso Project Model School convinced many parents, more than 200 children from nine different communities are attending the school by now. Thanks to your help we have already covered the expanses for the school bus and bamboo bikes!

For the following demands we still need your help:

  • Library
    Books and educational material are essential and yet a rare commodity in Ghana.

  • Computer Lab
    Expertise in digital media are also important for children in Ghana, especially because they do not have an appropriate access to it at home.

Rewards for donations
For an amount of 500 € or more, you will have your (company’s) name on the school’s donation wall as a reward for your gift. If you donate 1500 € or more a classroom will be named after you or your company.

Where do I get more information?

More information about the Yonso Project Model School you’ll find here:

The children of the Ashanti region are counting on you. Thank you!