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The Tomorrow School – Donate for school kids in Woliso, Ethiopia

Woliso, Ethiopia

THE TOMORROW SCHOOL e.V. is a German Non-Profit Organization with the purpose of improving the education environment for children in Ethiopia.

Melanie Shifferaw from The Tomorrow School e.V.
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THE TOMORROW SCHOOL e.V. is a Non-Profit Organization founded and located in Hamburg, Germany with the purpose of improving the education environment for children in Ethiopia.

Did you know that only 5 of 10 children in Ethiopia can read and write? We want to change that.

We’ve made it our mission to empower children in Ethiopia to shape their own future and to pursue their dreams on the basis of education. We do this by providing a healthy learning environment in schools: Clean, save water , sanitary & hygiene facilities, study material & books as well as school meals.

While we strive to reach all school children in Ethiopia, we will kick-off our projects with the Woliso Primary School in Oromia, Ethiopia. And here is why: 

To us, the Woliso Liben Primary School is not like any other school in Ethiopia. 

I am born in Germany by a German mother and an Ethiopian father. Over 60 years ago, my father Alemayehu, then a 7-year old shepherd boy, had his very first day of school in Woliso. On this day, Alemayehu’s life took an entirely new direction – and a foundation was built for uncountable dreams and opportunities.

Education made Alemayehu who he is today: an academic, a self-starter, an entrepreneur, a thinker, a reader, a philosopher, a teacher, a traveller, a loving father and grandfather. He has truly lived up to the meaning of his name: Alemayehu – “he who has seen the world”.

This is one father’s story – and it can be so many other kids’ story as well. We are now here to give back and help more school kids in Ethiopia into their own “brighter tomorrow”.  

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