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Sonrisa - Ein Lächeln für Kinder in Honduras

A project from Sonrisa - Ein Lächeln für Kinder in Honduras e.V.
in Choluteca, Honduras

Sonrisa is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of children and young people in Honduras. We renovate and build schools, kindergartens and further education facilities for a better education and ways out of poverty.

Frank Brost
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About this project

Over 65% of people in Latin American Honduras live in extreme poverty. Of these, around 370,000 are street children. Poverty affects the weakest part of society with children. The only way out for the children and young people is to work on orchards or on the streets, i.e. prostitution, drug trafficking and theft. Education is an important way out of poverty and hopelessness. 

However, public schools and kindergartens are in very poor condition. Unhygienic sanitary conditions and asbestos roofs make the children ill. More than 50% of the children drop out of school early to support their parents financially. Children with a disability often have no access to education at all. We want to change that.

As a non-profit association, we are committed to the adequate education of children and young people in Honduras at schools, kindergartens and further education institutions. To this end, we go to the poor districts and specifically select the aid projects. For example, we renovate the building infrastructure and thus improve the learning environment of the children and motivate them to attend school. Another important issue is to improve the living conditions of disabled children in Honduras. New facilities are to be created to prepare these children for regular schooling, but also to provide them with professional psychological care. 

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