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Drop and Ride - Sport and Education for the Youth of Kabul!

Kabul, Afghanistan

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Drop and Ride - Sport and Education for the Youth of Kabul!

Kabul, Afghanistan

Drop and Ride uses sport to address important issues for the local youth: The desire for peace, equal rights for men and women, democracy and better education. We need your support!

Moritz Kistenfeger from Abasha | 
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About this project

A young group from Kabul, Afghanistan, founded Drop and Ride ('Drop the gun and ride a bike') at the end of 2016. Ever since, the project uses sport in combination with educational activities to address important issues for young people: The desire for peace, equality between men and women, democracy and better education. Today, up to 100 young people, many of whom are girls, take part in the events every month. 

Drop and Ride is registered as Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO) and operates as an official NGO in Afghanistan.  Abasha supports PFO in financing the sports and education program in Kabul. Abasha will provide 100% of the donations for this campaign directly to the PFO. 

PFO needs your support to further develop the Drop and Ride program:

  • Expand activities

    The "Yearly rent for the bike area in 2020" guarantees a safe environment for the participants during the bike program. Especially for the participating girls, a sports program can only be carried out within the boundaries of a closed area. The "Youth Festivities with culture and sport in summer 2020" should be remembered by all members as an annual highlight with sport competitions and cultural activities.

  • Provide education

    As English is seen as the key to participation, a "Three-month English course in spring 2020" will improve participants' access to online media and information. A "Computer course for career starters" will provide IT skills, especially for the Office Package.  This is particularly important for the further professional development of young people. 

  • Strengthen values

    The "Human Rights: education and events" offer bridges the gap between sport and education by communicating the topic of human rights in a practical way through excursions and events. The campaign "Real role models: strong women in sport" aims to enable female sports enthusiasts to get in touch with successful sportswomen. In this way, the participants' self-confidence and strength should be encouraged.

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Abasha is a non-profit association registered in Munich, Germany. From here we support young projects worldwide on a voluntary basis. Our goal is the promotion of free access to education and sports for children and youth from difficult backgrounds. Following the guiding principle “help for self-help”, we enable the young initiatives to develop a sustainable project structure. This is achieved through mentoring, financial assistance and access to networks.
Updated at 18. March 2020

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