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Female Genital Mutilation - House of Hope for girls in Tschad

Sarh, Chad

Foyer Beth Elpia is a home for girls who have to flee from genital mutilation. We have to renovate the house because it is already heavily overloaded with 70 girls.

J. Ludwig from Liebe in Aktion e.V.
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FGM means "Female Genital Mutilation." Every year, about 3 million girls fall victim to this dreadful ritual, and our project "Beth Elpia," House of Hope, makes a significant difference among the Sarha, a Chadian tribe. More than 80% of the female population suffer from this degrading custom, which has become an integral part of the culture, mainly due to a lack of education.
The high social pressure makes it incredibly difficult for those who are affected to oppose the tradition, most of the times an escape is the only solution.
Foyer Beth Elpia provides a safe home for girls fleeing from genital mutilation and gives them a bright future, through education or job training to help them on their way to independence and a brighter future.

Currently there are over 70 girls between the ages of 9 and 17 in the foyer. The building is already heavily overloaded with this number of residents, the inclusion of other girls is hardly possible. With the help of your financial support, we want to expand the foyer, not only to increase the living space, but also make it more beautiful for the girls. The removal and conversion of the foyer will cost about 150 000 euros. A goal that we can achieve together. With your donation, we give girls in Chad a future and make an effective contribution to the fight against female genital mutilation.


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