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Leipzig, Germany

We live in troubling times that require bold ideas and transformative solutions. Degrowth has become the beacon of hope that illuminates our path forward. With your help, we at ‘’ will make this light shine as bright as possible. International Team from Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie
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Dear friends, we need your help. As you are aware, the world is in crisis – ecological destruction, societal disintegration, and individual despair are spreading at an alarming rate. Yet, there is hope. ‘Degrowth’, both as an academic concept and an activist movement, has been demonstrating with bold clarity that living better with less is not only possible, it is also desirable & necessary.

In the last 5 years our website has been tirelessly disseminating information relevant to movements demanding a social ecological transformation, and serving as a living virtual memory of the International Degrowth Conferences, which have been gaining momentum since their inception in 2008. However, the website is in dire need of restructuring and we, the international web-team, have a plan to transform our web portal from a flicker to a roaring flame of change. 

We want to make a representative platform of the degrowth movement(s), where anyone can find meaningful critiques of the current political-economic system, inspiring stories of struggle & change, as well as information on how to organize and get involved. All this while incorporating the degrowth ethos into the structure and functioning of the website itself – based on open-source, creative commons, and low-energy use technologies.

Building on the work of many that have contributed to over the years, we are now ready to take the next step. We want to substantially improve the website by creating a more intuitive and straightforward structure, as well as a simpler and more aesthetically engaging visual design. You will be able to access more of your favorite content – the blog, the library, a map of degrowth realities, information on future & past conferences, summer schools, climate camps, and events – with greater ease. We will introduce the option of multi-language variants of the website. This will make it simple for various national, regional & local degrowth groups to adapt the web portal according to their needs. The library search function will also be upgraded and enhanced, making it easier to find relevant material. While a brand new calendar will improve the ability to share and find events.

But your support is now crucial.  The vast majority of our work up until this point has been on a volunteer basis, but we now need financial resources for an IT cooperative to do the technical restructuring.

With the holidays approaching we encourage you to give yourself, and the world, the greatest gift of all – the gift of hope. We are certain that with your help we can build a platform from which we will all be able to shout (and be heard): “¡ya basta – enough is enough!” We look forward with great excitement to taking this next step with you.

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