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Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie

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About us

We stand for a new economy. An economy by all and for all, ecologically sound and socially just.

The Konzeptwerk is an independent, charitable association, founded in 2011.

We are convinced that the economy’s purpose is to make a good life possible for everyone. Our current economy misses this goal by far: It is undemocratic and unstable. It creates riches for the few, but exclusion and poverty for many. Environmental destruction further deepens these injustices and threatens our livelihoods.

So far, economic policies are dominated by the belief in economic growth, in competition instead of cooperation. This is mainly due to the differences in power between people, which lead to unequal possibilities to influence society. This way those who profit from the economic system can push through their interests against the needs of the majority.

In order to counter these injustices, a social-ecological transformation of the economy is urgently needed.


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