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Artists Against Plastic Pollution

Berlin, Germany

Artists Against Plastic Pollution is a charity campaign raising awareness against single-use plastics. 25 internationally renowned artists created one poster artwork each. The posters will be fly-postered in Berlin starting middle of November 2019.

Oliver Schleith from
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Hello, we are – a Berlin-based non-profit-organization fighting single-use plastics. We want to create an impact especially with the younger generation and inspire them to avoid single-use plastics and to use sustainable alternatives.

Artists Against Plastic Pollution is our first big campaign and – hopefully with your friendly support – the kick-off for our upcoming actions. For this important awareness campaign 25 internationally renowned design studios and artists* created one poster artwork each aiming to raise awareness against worldwide plastic pollution.

Art and design have a massive, powerful and loud voice. We will bring that voice on the streets of Berlin and reach a young generation, that will be forced with the aftermath of plastic pollution.

The posters (2.500 pieces) will be fly-postered all over Berlin starting middle of November. In order to reach as many people as possible we will share the whole campaign via social & digital media and daily newspapers.

The whole campaign is a non-profit-project. Everybody is contributing without any financial interest at all. We do believe that we're all into a social responsibility with respect to nature and all following generations.

All we need now to realize the campaign is the money for printing and fly-postering.

Thanks to your gentle help and support we'll create a deep impact and form a community together.

*Following artists are part of the campaign Artists Against Plastic Pollution so far:

Katie Benn, Anthony Butrill, Büro Bum Bum, Sergi Delgado, Jackson Gibbs, Eike König (HORT), Sebastian König, Juan Molinet, Mathilda Mutant, Justus Oehler (Pentagram), Martina Paukova, Peter Phobia, Spin Studio, Stephen Smith (Neasden Control Centre), Patrick Thomas, Toormix, Rich Tu, Velvet Spectrum, André Nossek (Via Grafik), Bernd Walter (The Blackmoon Foundry), Warriors Studio, White Russian Studio