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Opportunities for Kids in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, Congo (Republic)

Enabling kids to receive education, clear water and electricity: Help us fund our project in Kinshasa and give them a future worth living in

Teresa Boulle from Starkmacher e.V.
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Be part of this project and help children from Kinshasa to get a future that is worth living!
Together we want to fight poverty and instability in the D.R. Congo and try give some hope. Thousands of children in the region have no access to education and medical care. Many suffer from traumas and psychosocial disorders caused by war and violence.

With your help, we can provide a better future and education for children from Kinshasa. 
Your donation will be used for the following measures:

1. power supply for the Petite Flamme School in Ndjili Brasseri (Kinshasa) through the construction of a photovoltaic system

2. clean drinking water for the Petite Flame School in Ndjili Brasseri by building a well

3. computer equipment for a new media centre in the Petite Flamme School in Ndjili Brasseri

4. ICT training for the teachers of the Petite Flamme schools so that the children can have proper access to information technology

5. Quality management through the training of managers of the linked institutions

Every small donation can make a big difference to the lives of the children in Kinshasa.
We kindly thank you for your support and involvement!

The project is implemented by 'AECOM' from Kinshasa. Since 1991, the organisation has built ten schools, a hospital and four social homes, and carried out many educational projects for the local population.