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providing medical aid deep in the Liberian bush

A project from Help Liberia-Kpon Ma
in Yarbayah und Mawah, Liberia

medical aid in Liberia/Westafrica

T. Böhner
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About this project

Two bush clinics deep in the rural Lower Bong County in Liberia
Skilled and trained health workers screen everybody also those people who can not afford the small fee of 50 Liberian Dollars.
Voluntary helpers from the community help for maintenance and all.
Provide emergency medical help for people living far in the bush
We request a regular donation of ten Euro from each member monthly to ensure that the patients can expect medical treatment also after long distance walking to our clinics
- medical check-up to sick people
- check-up for pregnant women
- minor surgery and all kind of dressing
- transfer for severe patients to hospital
- advise in how to live healthy
- hygienical deliveries throughout the week and day