Funded Famine in Eastern Africa: Red Cross Relief

An aid project by “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.” (B. Stadler) in Mogadishu, Somalia

B. Stadler (Project Manager)

B. Stadler
Hunger and drought in the Horn of Africa. About 10 million people in East Africa are affected by an unusually long period of drought. Water sources and wells have dried up, crops are destroyed and the last head of cattle have died.

The Red Cross therefore steps up its humanitarian assistance in the region to save people from starvation. In war-torn Somalia, children suffering from severe acute malnutrition are cared for in emergency feeding centers. In Kenya, the Red Cross is assisting people affected by the drought with medical care. People in need also receive water and food supplements.

Find out the latest on Red Cross activities in East Africa:

Please help the people in the Horn of Africa. Every contribution counts.
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N.B. Betterplace transfers 100% of your donations to the Red Cross. We keep 10% of the funds to cover running costs. These include both expenditures on an infrastructure needed to provide immediate relief when a disaster strikes as well as administration costs.

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Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

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