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Burner Embassy Berlin

Berlin, Germany

A self-designed space for the Berlin Burning Man Community: for planning and exchange, for workshops, for internal and external communication and for permanent commitment and visibility.

Holger Weßels from Berlin Burner e.V.
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We are creating and maintaining a fantastically designed meeting room as pioneer users in the "Haus der Statistik" in Berlin-Mitte at Alexanderplatz. The room is for us burner, for other pioneer users (and other people who seek/need such a room), to talk, to design, to learn and to teach. In addition, other uses in the surroundings and in cooperation with other groups in the house are possible, such as using workshops, cooking together, storing materials or administrative work for the associations and events.
More details and pictures in the project proposal:

  • A Place for planning and exchange: The Burner community will use this space for the preparation of projects, for association meetings and other organisation rounds.
  • A Place for workshops: The Burner Embassy Berlin can also be used for donation-based workshops to exchange experiences ( in accordance with the 10 principles).
  • Internal and external communication: The Burner Embassy Berlin serves as a central and well-known hub for burner in Berlin and a frequent contact point for burners from other places with regular public events (Burning Pub, Pasta Potluck, Crafternoon, Filmcafe etc.) as well as for people who are new to the 10 principles and their implementation.
  • Permanent activity and visibility: In contrast to the otherwise only temporary projects, the Burner community can work on a project that will last longer and be visible. In addition, opportunities can also be created to make works of art visible.

Your donations
We want to finance this room for the next 2-3 years with the support of our community. The minimum costs are 200€-250€ per month (plus 650€ deposits in the beginning), and these shall be covered by permanent donations. Any additional donations will remain within the project. If this is not (no longer) possible, the donors will decide on the further use (possibly within certain restrictions). If you want to make your voice heared, join the discussions: