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Closed United for Hope - Help Us Keep Underprivileged Rural Indian Girls In School

Tirmasahun, Kushinagar, India

Support United for Hope in providing menstrual hygiene education and sanitary product distribution, working towards happier, healthier and more educated girls.

T. McCartney from United for Hope e.V.
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Dear friends,

Here at United for Hope we are raising funds to help keep more rural Indian girls in school through menstrual hygiene awareness programs and the distribution of sanitary products. Along with health professionals, United for Hope will be hosting workshops, aimed at menstrual hygiene education and ending the current stigma attached to the subject. We hope to run these workshops on a monthly basis whilst holding a weekly drop-in for both women and girls. Here, they would be able to share any questions or concerns they may have, while also having access to the sanitary products they need. 

Each year 23 million Indian girls drop out of school when they begin their menstrual cycle due to stigma, a lack of knowledge regarding menstruation and a lack of sanitary products. In fact, it is estimated that only 2 -3% of women in rural India have regular access to sanitary napkins, instead having to resort to unhygienic methods. We want to combat these issues because we believe girls belong in school.

With a possible 3000 beneficiaries when counting all the adolescent girls and young women who access our current programmes, our potential outreach is substantial and we hope that our menstrual hygiene project will eventually act as a model for others to follow.  We need your support so that we can procure enough menstrual hygiene products to provide for all our beneficiaries for the foreseeable future and to cover other costs related to awareness building and tackling stigma.  Kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser, so we can all work towards keeping girls in school.

We are grateful for your help!

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