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Food, education and protection for the extremly poor in Cebu/Philippines

Cebu, Philippines

In the Philippines, especially in Cebu, there is an indescribable poverty.

Projektteam der Steber Stiftung from Steber & Partner Stiftung
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In the province of Cebu, in the Philippines, is an indescribable poverty. More than 30 years ago Father Heinz Kulüke took on the task of supporting the disadvantaged people in Cebu.
In 1999 he founded the non-governmental organization "JPIC-IDC".
The Steber & Partner Foundation has supported various aid projects for many years, including Father Heinz Kulüke and his organization. 

Why is help needed?
  • Well over 6000 people, especially many children, are currently living in Cebu in four different landfills under the most degrading conditions. They are looking for edible or recyclable garbage to sell. The children are often not sent to school by their parents. Their labour is needed at the landfills. 
  • deaths due to accidents, conflicts, health
  • An estimated 20- 30 thousand street children live in Cebu, many without parents
  • Several hundred families in Cebu live in mausoleums on cemeteries
  • 2005 about 10,000 women and girls were victims of human trafficking, forced prostitution and exploitation. 
    Due to a shift to the Internet, estimates are currently not possible. 
    The youngest recently rescued victim is 1 year old.
  • offenses due to hunger or drug addiction
  • Hunger shortage due to the Corona pandemic: Well over 18,000 people, including many children from poor areas, need to be provided with food. Without help from outside, the poor cannot survive on their own.
Current aid projects:
  • provision of food and clothing, school transport
  • access to holistic education for children
  • cost-effective house building projects
  • resettlement of landfills, cemeteries, slums and fishing villages into peaceful, healthy & closed communities
  • Protection of women & children against violence, forced prostitution, abuse & exploitation through preventive measures, help centres Cyber protection, mental health care
  • Establishment of help centres for elderly people and street children
  • rehabilitation, reintegration of children with addiction problems (e.g. drugs, glue sniffers)

We would like to give so many people, especially children, a better perspective for a more hopeful life by collecting donations for the above mentioned projects.

With a small donation you too can give people a more dignified life.
The money goes 1 to 1 to the needy, we have no administrative costs.