Care and support to 8 Orphan sick children

An aid project by Rose Mary K. in Guntur, India

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Rose Mary K. (Project Manager)

Rose Mary K.
Our organization BASS is providing educational opportuniteis to the poor and needy children in Guntur district for the last 30 years. One of the programs is child labor eradication through a special school running for 50 child labor with the support of Government of India under national child labor eradication project. Curenly we have 50 children in this school and regularly every year we promote and mainstream few children to further education continuously.

All the children are aged between 7 to 14 years, and identified as working in different sectors include agriculture, domestic, mechanical works to add income to their families. All the working children in our school are very poor and disadvanatged.They forced to go for workss to get small income to feed their family memebrs. With great efforts of our staff we succeded to stop 50 children and admit them into our special school. Because of their bad social and financial situation, they are unabel to get theee meals in a single day come to school with empty stomach becasue their parents are unable to afford. Moreover, many children do not have the books and materials required by the school because their families lack the money.

Among 50 children in our school 8 children are very bad conditioned with out any ones care and struggling to survive. They are are orphans and semi orphans living in miserable conditioned. We are regularly bringing them to school but they will stop and go back to works. We felt very sad when they are in the class with out taking meals. Please support these children Urgentlly

We like to care these children with your kind support to provide health care, nutritious food for three times a day, clothes and other needs and support their families. So that the children will be very happy and get back their child hood joy and education without any worries.

We are requesting for kind people like you to support and sponsoring only 8 ndividual orphan children.

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Location: Guntur, India

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