Closed Combat Climate Change through biochar,clean cooker

An aid project by “United Science of Africa (USA)” (Prince M. k.) in Matungu, Kenya

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Prince M. k. (Project Manager)

Prince M. k.

Poverty, floods, hunger, deforestation, environmental deterioration in western Kenya led to formation of this project

The project aims to mobilize women and youth in Matungu district and train them in demonstrative innovative and technologies that are both economically and environmentally sustainable for local communities through biochar and clean stove technology.

Biochar farming is basic education in integrated soil management. New techniques on production of biochar and application to soils will be taught. Biochar reduces inorganic fertilizer requirements. They will be trained on use of BEK pyrolyzer to turn their agricultural waste into charcoal, which can be turned into briquettes for fuel, as well as use as a soil additive to increase soil fertility.

The focus in this component is on up scaling the use of renewable energy through support for solar and fireless cookers technology and wood fuel energy saving technologies like rocket stoves. The strategy is to popularize energy saving technologies like energy saving stoves, fireless cooker baskets etc. to improve on efficiency in the use of scarce fuel wood resources and curbing massive CO2. This will be done via support to women and youth groups as IGAs.

150 community volunteers and cluster working groups

The entire community of Matungu district.
We hope to achieve oriented entrepreneur community stove builders and environmental protector.
Tree nursery will be established for tree and fruits seedlings availability for sale.
Biochar farming will result into better crops, improved soil fertility, reduced poverty, and hunger and boost nutrition. Farm costs will reduce hence more investment in education and health care.

- Preparation of modern topographic maps and aerial photographs;
-lack of availability of GIS capacities and satellite imagery to all our partners;
-lack of trained volunteers and involvement of professionals and other interested partners;
-lack of field equipment like vehicle, bikes and office facilities.

Will enable it to hold workshops, public awareness and demonstrations, acquire field, farm and office equipment and materials.

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Location: Matungu, Kenya

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