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Donate for RecyCoal - Green Charcoal for the World

To fight deforestation of the rain forest and household air pollution (HAP) RecyCoal has developed a System, where biochar can be produced out of unused biomass through pyrolysis. This environmental solid fuel can be used as substitute for charcoal.

Malte Lukowski from Enactus Aachen e.V.Write a message

More than 3 billion people cook with solid fuels. The most important
it is wood.
Each year nearly 3 million hectares of threatened rainforest disappear. The result is desertification, erosion, and the loss of biodiversity. But not only nature suffers, but also people. Every year, about 4.3 million people die from the effects of dirty domestic combustion of wood. Nevertheless, families spend about one third of their monthly income on the fuels that make them so ill.
We have developed a low budget pyrolysis system in which crop waste can be converted to biochar.
During our pyrolysis process a large part of the toxic components is eliminated, so that later a much cleaner combustion is possible. The coal also burns more efficiently than wood. Building a local business through existing Farmer's Cooperatives will increase the basic income of local small farmers and generate financial security for the project in the future. 
So we can offer a cheap alternative to wood and conventional charcoal as fuel.
The more than 1,800 kilograms of biochar produced were used primarily for their own use and for further development. However, even the first kilograms could be sold on the local market.

Currently the focus of our work is on expansion in Kigali. In addition, our system will be further improved and additional locations will be gained. In the winter of 2019 the next trip to Rwanda is planned, where we want to implement an improved system. Furthermore the range will be increased through targeted local marketing and new locations and partners will be found.

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