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Funded A free shop for Darmstadt!

A free shop for Darmstadt - solidarity finds city. We want to make the start and are looking for people who will give us tailwind for the first year - then the project will be financially on its own feet.

Quartierarbeiter from Zusammen in der Postsiedlung e.V.Write a message

Our association "Together in the Post-settlement" was founded in the fall of 2015 by residents of the so-called "Postsiedlung" in Darmstadt and aims to strengthen neighborly relations and the promotion of nature and environmental protection in the district.
Between young and old, between people with and without disabilities, between wealthy and materially less well off. Between the people in our quarters.

To have time, to listen, to accompany and to act in solidarity: Even if the zeitgeist seems almost antiquated, we consider it an effective means for more cooperation.

We have set out to develop the first little building blocks towards an open, listening and solidary community. Some of our experiences - like the weekly lunch or the neighborly Friday café - make us hopeful. We would like to intensify this therefore even more.

We would therefore like to add another element to a solidary community in the post settlement with a new project:
A free shop for the mail settlement and Darmstadt - solidarity finds city.

The idea of ​​free shopping is simple: many people have things that they can not or do not want anymore. These are often useless, because "actually they are too good to throw away".
Other people, on the other hand, may be looking for exactly these things, may not be able to afford them, or spend money on them.
If things are still ready and in order, they can simply be brought in by free shipping. From the vase to the bread machine, everything that others could need is accepted and given away. There is no money in the free shop. All things available there are "free". Thus, the free shop is a beginning of a real alternative to commodity society in which everything has a value and therefore costs money.

But also for a Umsonstladenprojekt money is needed, in our case for the monthly store rent and heating and electricity. A startup grant is needed so that we can safely and solidly complete the construction work of the first year. Then the store is to finance itself from many small ongoing donations from people here locally. Thanks solidar landlady, the rent is fair.
The Umsonstladen alone is certainly not an alternative to the commodity society dar. Finally, it is based on the abundance of goods of our goods company. But it is a first step to find a different attitude and way of thinking "to things".
Repair café and sharing models (call a bike, car sharing, rental shops) are other important projects in this regard, which are mutually beneficial and complementary.
Therefore, the first step of establishing a free shop will be followed by further steps ...