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Say 'No' to Parental Conflict and to Parental Alienation

Tübingen, Germany

The KiMiss Institute defines child well-being under parental conflict and opposes divorce-related forms of emotional abuse and psychological maltreatment of children.

PD Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr from KiMiss-Institut
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Many people have seen a 'dirty divorce' in their circle of friends or relatives, or they have even themselves experienced how a good childhood with both parents has been ruined by an aggressive separation or divorce of the parents. Many of them report that family courts, youth welfare offices, or the experts involved by them, in a passive or helpless manner just watched the child being alienated or deprived from a parent - they report that "the youth welfare office / family court just says that nothing can be done ...", or "... for years they have just watched how my child has been alienated and taken away from me ...".

  • No. We shouldn't just watch, we can do something about it

Anyone can do something about it, because a society that says 'No ' to forms of emotional abuse and psychological maltreatment of children, which originate from conflict among their parents, can prevent this. This is the reason why the KiMiss project requests funding by means of this donation campaign:

  • Support us in saying 'No' to forms of emotional abuse or mental abuse of children that emerge from conflict among parents

Since 2012, the KiMiss project of the University of Tübingen has been investigating the extent to which separation of parents leads to custody problems, or problems such as parent-child alienation (PA) or abusively applied legal custody. The project has defined the concept of child well-being on the basis of quality of life concepts and three sociological studies; it opposes the often misused excuse that child well-being is an 'indeterminate legal concept'. Further information can be found at

We request donations for this project because our work relies on support for the development of a publicly available web app; the web app can estimate the loss of child well-being caused by parental conflict and it can produce a report that can be submitted to a family court or child welfare institution. KiMiss diagnostics is required when hostility and aggression between parents can no longer be improved by words or well-intentioned recommendations alone.

We ask for your support for this project 
  • in order to help ending an era which misuses the term child well-being as an 'indeterminate legal concept',
  • to support our efforts bringing a scientific method for the estimation of child well-being into application , 
  • so that children no longer have to suffer from parental conflict in a form that can be detected by KiMiss diagnostics.

Thank you for your support,
The KiMiss Institute, PD Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr & Team

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