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Closed Work with refugees in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Closed Work with refugees in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

My name is Cristel, I am 21 years old, I am from Cartago, Costa Rica. I currently live in Berlin where I do my volunteer work with Visioneers.

Cristel Bermúdez Gutiérrez from VISIONEERS e.V. | 
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About this project

 I am Cristel and I will be here in Berlin with the purpose of doing a social work where I can develop building relationships with different types of people and help them in what I can encouraging personal and professional growth in young people, in addition to knowing more about other cultures and about this country in this year of volunteering.  Despite wanting to learn and develop this year, it is more the desire to provide values ​​such as patience, kindness, service, the no less important and more valuable love, my desire is to be a support person for whom I need it and I can always be open to listen and give advice. This project Visioneers, works with young refugees here in Germany,  
 where we do social activities in which we involve them so that they can grow and adapt to society, we also offer them a quiet place where they can feel protected (like at home), this makes me very happy since many of these young people have suffered a lot and here they can feel a little better. We encourage values ​​through games and the continuous learning of the German language, as well as the development of skills in which sewing, cooking and art stand out through painting workshops where we have seen great talent in young people. 

My stay as a volunteer in Berlin through the Weltwärts program, is 75% funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The other 25% has to be raised by the organization and me. The funds cover expenses such as transportation, health insurance, food and accommodation. You can visit the VISIONEERS page and get more information about the program. 


With all sincerity I thank every part that you can support, this project is amazing with everything you do so that these young people and see how they enter with a smile to their place of peace in the middle of Berlin, it is really amazing to see the talent they have and how they discover it through the workshops implemented by Visioneers. 

Your help will make them continue motivated to do good and be able to supply the necessary resources to perform the activities, thank you very much for supporting us.