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An aid project by Ulrike v. in Cairo, Egypt

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Ulrike v. (Project Manager)

Ulrike v.
'The Cairo Beautiful Spaces Liberation Movement' was envisioned in early 2011.
The original idea was to create a movement to create and/or liberate beautiful (public) spaces - in Cairo - for citizens to work, learn, play, and make things happen.
Much has changed in Cairo since then. Not least spaces are popping up almost like mushrooms, and the city's inhabitants have become much more daring in claiming the use of the space that is theirs.

As a small part of the general movement on urban space and rights, our vision has become more clear.

This initiative is about promoting the concept of sharing, paying it forward, time-banking and innovative, more efficient use of space by sharing and cooperating, co-creating the Cairo that is liveable for all.

We are especially keen to initiate and support the creation of coworking spaces.

Our second focus are is access to public play space for children. We have started cooperation with Spielstadt mini-muenchen, Germany, and since January 2013 have hosted 3 pilot 'mini-medina' in Cairo and Alexandria and attended mini-munich in summer 2014. Now, in spring 2015, we have a proper website and are looking forward to hosting a bigger mini-medina in Alexandria in June.

You can read about and follow our work as part of the activities happening in and with several emerging coworking spaces in Heliopolis & elsewhere in Cairo, via facebook at
More information regarding coworking spaces (in Egypt in general) can be found both on and

The coworking space 'Rasheed22' is the current homebase.
Located in the heart of Heliopolis, near a beautiful public garden. Virtually visit and find out what we are up to via the Rasheed22 fb page and also our website

Creation and support of innovative independent (coworking) spaces, through the CoworkingEgypt network
Reanimation (the use of) public space, for the greater good, to the benefit of the community, with a focus on children's access to and participation and safety in the public space

We believe that this can only be achieved in cooperation with both local & international partners.
We offer to be your entry door to Cairo and Egypt in general - we are here to weave the net and work together!

Our intention is to serve as community centers where local residents (and their guests from around the world) can come together to engage actively in the design and management of their environment.

Please get in touch for any questions you may have!

Soon you will be able to use the CoworkingEgypt website to book work and meeting space in selected coworking spaces in major Egyptian cities (and some other attractive locations).

Now more than ever, we need to stick together and hold hands, to make it through the hard times.

More information:

Location: Cairo, Egypt

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  • our recyclables collection station, supporting the NGO Misbah al Mudii

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  • a quiet space away from the noise of the city

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  • young people at work at Rasheed22

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  • Poster fuer die Spielstadt-Initiative mini-medina, uebersetzt 'mini-stadt'

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